Dear Hobbyists!

Hydra here, and in the name of the #solstice28 artists, I would like to welcome you to this project. For quite some time the participants have teased you all with their posts on Instagram and now the time has come to finally show what this teasing is all about.


In spring 2021 Wilhelminiatures posted a sculpture of a Cthulhu Idol on Instagram. As I am a great fan of the Cthulhu Mythos, I instantly felt the call of the old one to give this task a try myself.

Cthulhu Idol by Wilhelminiatures

I started my own sculpture feverishly, and worked on it day after day. But, when it was about 80% done, the question of how I should approach the head and if it should have wings or not, quenched my drive. Instead of finishing the sculpture, I made a silicone mold of what I had sculpted so far.


This decision was inspired by my desire to make a save file, as in a computer game, so I could try different things with the same basic sculpture.

Then, just like R‘lyeh itself, the drive to finish this project, vanished. And the unfinished sculpture along with the silicone mold slumbered in the depths of a box.

Then, in the spring of 2021, @ibrewtiny started the amazing Slugwizard Spring Competition Competition, the main focus of which was to model a slugwizard to generate money for the charity organisation Bail-Out Project . Combining the hobby and charity work is nothing new, but the slugwizards reminded me of how lucky I was to be in a place where all I had to complain about was model prices, releases, and “when was the last time I had a pot of super glue last longer than two hobby sessions?”.

At that point I had the strong urge to create a charity event myself.And that’s when I remembered my unfinished Cthulhu idol.

As I seemed unable to finish it myself, why not reach out to the community and ask the artists, I admire so much for help? Or even better, why not send them casts and see, how they would complete the idol? and since I am at it, why not turn it all into a charity event?

The next big step was to gather the courage to approach the artists with my idea. All of them have their very own and unique style and have been a massive inspiration to me over these past years. And I hoped we could find a way to work together to inspire others to donate while also creating some cool art.

And since nothing is fun without a deadline, how about taking the next big mystic date available? the 21.12.2021 is not also a great looking date, but it is also solstice, the longest night of the year. And I bet that there is more than one cult having dark prophecies about that night and clandestine agents of forgotten gods work towards sinster goals to wake their evil masters for their eon old sleep.

If you now want to have the cance of obtaining a faboulus piece of dark art AND want to do something good at the same time, follow this link PARTICIPATE


Speaking of cool art, here is a list of the artists that participate, so that you can get an idea of what we’re creating: ARTISTS

Until 21.12.2021 you can follow our progress on our Instagram accounts and once a piece is finished, it will also be displayed in the GALLERY 


If you have any further questions, please feel free so send uns an email to:


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