If you’d like to participate in our charity project, donating to a good cause while also having the chance of winning these wonderful pieces of art?

Here is how:

We will be having a raffle for each of the pieces of art created as part of Solstice28. To have a chance to win one, you need to:

1. Donate to one of the following organizations:

2. Donate at least 5$ to enter the draw, and for every additional $5, you get another entry (i.e. if you donate 20$ that would be 4 entries).

3. Send an email with a screenshot of your confirmation of a donation to one (or more) of the above-listed charities to

4. You must make your donation and email your proof of donation by 11:59 p.m. your local time on 21.12.2021  (Please Include the following information in your email: Name and Surname; Country; Instagram Name (if available); donation amount)

5. The winners for all of the pieces will be announced after christmas.

Other than that, just make doubly sure that you’re following these artists to be able to track their progress on their individual pieces and share this little project with the community.

And then be sure to check back here on 21.12.21 to see the finished pieces! 

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